Elegant and efficient
Spectral Analysis
Fast, comprehensive and reliable analysis

Bayer Liquor Analysis by Infra-Red (BLAIR) is an improved method of measurement for alumina refineries. BLAIR has many advantages compared with existing titration methods.

More information than ever before

BLAIR provides a wealth of chemical information that previously would have required several instruments. It produces this information at a lower cost and in far less time than current methods of Bayer liquor anaylsis.

A single BLAIR measurement provides:

  • alumina     
  • total caustic   
  • total alkalinity
  • TOC
  • oxalate
  • density
  • sulfate
  • chloride
  • acetate
  • malonate
  • formate
  • succinate

Speed and Convenience

Analysis of over twelve Bayer liquor parameters takes less than three minutes for a manual measurement, or less than 5 minutes for a fully automated measurement including intermediate cleaning. Direct spectroscopic measurements using BLAIR give the analytical result without the need for dilution or the addition of other reagents. There are no messy titrations, and few moving parts.

Reliable and Repeatable

Our testing has shown that a BLAIR system immediately gives reliable and precise results, even after being on stand-by for months. With a similar relative standard deviation (RSD) to current titration methods, BLAIR has industry-standard precision.

Analysis of Bayer organics made easy

In less than five minutes BLAIR measures TOC, oxalate, acetate, formate, succinate and malonate. A relative measure of the oxidation and breakdown of organics between liquors can also be quickly assessed through the Borg value (a parameter unique to BLAIR).


When minimising emissions, it helps to operate your plant using the best tools. BLAIR is a leap ahead in providing rapid, rich information on species in the Bayer process.


BLAIR helps you to optimise your alumina refinery and pays for itself many times over.